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Structured Settlements

Creative settlement design is our hallmark. We promptly provide cost-effective settlement proposals and annuity placement, always aggressively seeking the lowest cost, highest benefit annuities. When appropriate, we request medical age ratings based on impaired life expectancies to reduce annuity costs and increase benefits. We work with the highest-rated, most financially secure life insurers and financial entities available. We also assist in the preparation of all documents utilized to finalize the settlement.

Our clients benefit from our ability to:

  • Tailor settlement proposals that respond to the needs of the injured party and his/her family within existing cost parameters.

  • Integrate innovative tools such as special needs trusts, which enable the injured party to remain eligible for government benefit programs such as Medicaid, notwithstanding the settlement. We can explore the suitability of reversionary medical trusts and other tools that may lend themselves to early claim resolution.

  • Attend and actively participate in settlement conferences, mediations, and facilitations.

  • Draft preliminary settlement agreements that contain appropriate and necessary language in compliance with Internal Revenue Code and underwriting requirements.

In addition to supporting you with the resolution of traditional personal, physical injury cases, we can also assist you with unique, non-qualified settlements such as employment disputes, sexual harassment, discrimination and other claims that require specialized tax treatment.

Due to favorable case law (Richard A. Childs, et al. v. Commissioner) and life insurer underwriting guidelines, we are able to structure attorney fees, thereby deferring income tax obligations.

To request a structured settlement proposal or quote without any obligation, please contact us.

Case Studies

Hear from two inspiring women who, with the financial assistance of a structured settlement, were able to overcome personal tragedy and rebuild their lives.

kim thumbnail image REVISED.jpg

Meet Kim, who was critically injured in an automobile accident in 2002. With the financial backing of a structured settlement, she was able to find the silver lining  and rebuild her life.

Robin thumbnail.jpg

Meet Robin, a devoted wife and mother who lost her husband in a tragic plane crash. In the video, Robin discusses the many advantages her structured settlement provides, including reliable, pre-determined streams of payments, funds to help pay for living expenses and her children’s education, the certainty of financial resources that won’t be exhausted, and the satisfaction of knowing that her beneficiaries will receive funds even if she were to pass away.

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